Running solar and alternator charging simultaneously

Hello all! I have recently achieved being 2 years in remission from Cancer. So, me and my partner as a celebration bought a semi converted sprinter van so we could do it up and go away for weekends whenever we wanted. This is the purpose at the moment, but in the future want to travel for several weeks at a time and we would have a fair amount of electrical items that would need power, so we would need solar panels to help charge the battery.

The van already has a house battery that is wired up to the alternator.

PROBLEM: I am not electrically minded, so I am struggling with what I need to charge the battery (we will be buying a bigger 230ah battery within a couple of weeks) using both solar and the alternator.

As you can see the alternator is connected, but I need help with what to buy to connect the solar system alongside this alternator charging! I’ve attached a video and photos of the current set up, any advice you can give would be amazing!! As this is my first post I shall put more images in the comments if I’m able

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Also, I haven’t bought anything extra yet before I know what I need!

Just get a premium solar kit from renogy. Literally everything you need and takes no time at all to install.

They have an entry housing and there is a little tool as well that is helpful.

You should have your house and starting batteries separated by an isolator official you do not already.

It should be fine to run them simultaneously. Be sure to use a good quality solar charge controller, and also be sure that your alternator doesn’t supply more than about 14.8 volts to the battery when the engine is running - that could cook the battery.

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