Rules about hotel stays?

Usually when i park while I’m traveling is walmarts, or cracker barrel; Something quick and easy off the highway. During the day I find a nice park, preferably without a lot of playground equipment- I dont want to be the creepy girl in a van. Lol

If i am working a job in a specific location for a few days i usually scope out a few hotels in the area. Nicer ones, but not the Hilton. Holiday inns are good.

I bring this up; one because I havent heard anyone mentioning parking at hotels and two, because i have found it a wonderful stealth camping spot.

It is 24 hours. There is usually cameras and some type of security around the parking lot. Employees are used to seeing different cars in. The parking lot, so mine doesn’t stand out so much.

My question is if anyone knows if there are any specific laws against this. If there is a sign posted about use by non hotel patrons i dont stay.

Im always quiet and set up my windows for stealth mode before i even drive into the parking lot and i leave when the sun comes up.

Any thoughts or suggestions is always welcome :slight_smile: and yes this has been modified during the corona outbreak.

I have had a few bad experiences at hotel parking lots before, the hotel management wants people to pay to stay in their expensive rooms, not stay in their free parking lot.
In my state it is technically considered loitering and you can be charged with trespassing for it, but if you are staying in the parking lot of a hotel that you frequently rent a room from, then I don’t believe any hotel operator would be willing to “trespass” a frequent customer from their property just for parking in their parking lot. All of that is if they even notice you, like you said, hotel parking lots are great stealth spots in the first place,
Walmarts around the Mountain States area are hit or miss, I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a cashier about their RV policy just to have a police officer and an angry Walmart manager wake me up at 12am. Anytime that I use Walmart’s anymore, I will park in the middle section of the main parking lot, not only does this mean I am in a more populated and surveilled area, but the employees also park in the middle area so it’s not unusual to see a vehicle sit there all day or overnight.

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