Road trip NYC - SF

Hello everyone !
Here is being Aupair for a year next to New York, I plan to do a 3 week road trip between New York and San Francisco there will be two of us and I plan about 3000 $ for travel, I already looked at some tips and tricks for example the showers, food…

I would especially like to know if there is good or bad company to rent a Van?

I am a good driver, do you think that I must insure it by taking the most expensive that the sites offer?

Third question are there applications to know if there are vanlife meetings or something like that?

Thank you all ! :slight_smile:

Greetings & Welcome!

Camper Van Rental Companies:

Your regular insurance MIGHT cover a rental, but check to make sure.

There’s a pretty good list here:

And another here:


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Oh it’s very perfect thank you so much !