Right Backup Camera for RV?

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Winter is ending soon (not very soon) but yes, I am renovating RV to go for a trip in Spring (Maybe in April). I have changed many things in the RV from stove to mat but its time to install some good safety gadgets in the RV. In the beginning, I thought that on the installation of a good RV backup camera insurance companies offer some discount, but I was wrong when I talked with an insurance agent. Later, I thought it has become a standard feature so why they would offer discounts.

However, the main question to start this thread is to know which RV backup camera should I purchase. I want 100% risk-free driving while travelling. I have read many backup camera reviews, but I am unable to decide whether I should go with Podofo, 4Ucam or LeeKooLuu. Please come with some piece of advice.

Please keep in mind, I am asking about a latest wireless backup camera with a perfect view for both day and night conditions.


While I can’t recommend brands, I had occasion to drive a friends rig the other night. On his Class C it has a typical backup camera, PLUS rearward facing cameras on each front fender. The side cameras each covered from the vehicle, all the way over to include the next lane, on each side. The screen on the dash basically showed you everything from your front fenders backwards, 3 lanes wide with you being in the middle lane, plus the full rear view integrated in seamlessly. It was dark with pouring down rain and steamed up windows, yet those camera’s looked like it was a sunny day outside. Needless to say I was VERY impressed. I didn’t notice a brand on the monitor, and my friend said it came that way. (He just bought it used, and I was helping him get it home.)

After experiencing that, I would suggest you look into those types…


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Thanks for sharing such a great piece of advice. Mostly people recommend brands etc but yes, it is really informative. I think nowadays most of them are waterproof but some has issues with view quality.

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