RGB led stip lights flicker when turning the tap on/off

Hi all,

I have some RGB LED strip lights in my van. These go into a fuse box that is in turn connected to the leisure battery. Pretty standard stuff. There is also a 12v pump that is switched by a tap, also connected to the fuse box.

My problem is that when I turn the tap on/off, the lights change to a different colour, turn off, turn on, etc… sometimes you get a disco when you just want a cuppa!
I think it might be related to cable thickness, but I could be wrong as I’m no electrical. All accessories are wired with 2.5mm cable, the fuse box is wired to the battery with 10mm cable, and there are also some much smaller wires, for example the short ones that come straight in/out of the tap.

I can fix the problem by wiring the tap directly to the battery, but that is not fused/doesn’t necessarily fix the problem, and ideally, I’d like everything going to the one fuse-box

Any help/suggestions much appreciated


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Try hooking it up straight to the battery for a test. If the problem persists, it’s the lights. If the problem disappears, then you’re experiencing electrical interference at the fuse box. Does it do it when everything else going to the fuse box is turned off?

If it does it when everything is turned off, pull the fuses one by one until you find the culprit. Then troubleshoot the culprit.

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Yep, if I run the tap/pump straight to the battery the problem disappears, so I guess it’s interference as you say. Is there something I can do about that?



Just put an inline fuse to the pump and call it good…


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You have a bad ground on your pump or insufficient supply amperage on pump startup. If activating your pump causes your lights to flicker/change colors, etc. It may be due to poor wiring. The light malfunction is an indication of a larger problem. If your pump is drawing amperage on startup that exceeds the supply, you’ll eventually burn up the pump which could cause a short and lead to a fire. If the ground circuit for the pump is not adequate or has a poor contact the same thing can occur. Have an expert test this for you. If I’m wrong then good. You’re ok. But if I’m right you will be happy you had it checked.

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