Resolution on the Red Paint v Nicotine Issue

So - a quick update on the red paint/nicotine issue.

I finally decided that I would just replace the red painted wood. Several reasons:

  1. Multiple washings were not budging the yellow residue pouring off the van walls.
  2. Even if the yellow (whatever it was) stopped dripping through, red paint is REALLY hard to paint over and not have bleed-through - even with multiple primer coats.
  3. Leaving it on left me feeling like like a clot in an artery. :flushed:
  4. With climate craziness (no matter where you are in the world) a little more protection from the elements (i.e. insulation) seemed prudent.
  5. After driving the van for a few months, I realized I needed more noise dampening and I needed access to the metal van walls.
  6. And this is a biggie - I was a little concerned that I might be missing structural issues by not having a view on the underlying walls and roof of the van.

So - I decided a few days ago to pull down the walls and have done the roof and upper walls so far. I am really pleased with this decision. The van is very clean and there are zero signs of rust anywhere. The roof is solid - even with two 41x22" skylights in the roof and four beacon lights… :flushed:.

So - I’m pleased with that decision - and what I found when I was able to get a closer look. It provides some needed peace of mind…and the “red” problem (whether paint or potential health issues from third-hand smoke) goes away.




I think replacement is a good idea. Luan tends to conform to the roof curvature quite well.

Insulation should help with the road noise, but it should be noted that the majority of road noise usually resonates through the floor & wheel wells. Passenger vans typically have a thick fire resistant, innsulating, sound deadening, & anti-microbial felt mat under the carpet. To date, I have found nothing else nearly as effective as the originals. I have had decent luck finding replacement ones at wrecking yards.


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