Removing Wheelchair Lifts Question

How easy or hard is it to get a wheelchair lift removed from a van? Would you buy one where you had to remove a lift? I saw a good deal on FBook Mktpl but I’m not ready to buy yet. I’ve often wondered if I should buy one like that. I searched the forums but didn’t find any answers.


I’ve had two of them, I liked them due to the high tops.

I removed the first one myself, it wasn’t too complicated, but it was heavy & bulky. In the end, I used a cherry picker to finally get it out by myself. It sold quickly for $750.

The second one, I called up a medical supply store that sold & installed them. They uninstalled it, removed it with a forklift, and paid me $1250 for it. It was one that they had sold & installed originally, and had their tag on it.

Both vans already had a second deep cycle battery installed with an isolator to run the ramp. A win/win for me.


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I just had one uninstalled from my high-top Ford van by a regular auto mechanic. They are pretty heavy but I was able to get it out with a forklift. I still have the lift and am trying to sell it online via Craigslist


I think this would be the best plan if I bought one. I could drive the van to the place to make it convenient for them. Even if I could get it out myself, and there’s no way I’d try that, I wouldn’t have anywhere to store it. I’d need it taken out and taken away.

You obviously have someplace to store it. I wouldn’t have that, so I’d need someone to remove it and take it. How much are you listing it for at CL?

I have it listed for $700, but so far no real takers on it. I might end up donating it to a local nonprofit and take the tax deduction.

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Don’t forget, others suggest contacting medical supply companies, though a non-profit would be glad to have.

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Oh, I also had such a situation.