Removing Existing Insulation


We have a 2021 Promaster that came mostly bare on the inside, except for a layer of what we think is Reflectix or a similar material on the floors, walls, and ceiling. This is stuck to the body with a black foam-like adhesive that is difficult to remove (pictures attached). We want to inspect the bare metal and apply rust treatment where needed before we continue the build. Our questions are:

  1. Is this material Reflectix or something similar?
  2. What is the best way to remove it? We could just scrape it off with a scraper, but that will likely scrape off a lot of paint in the process. Is it better to just do that and then plan to rust treat/paint over all of it anyway, or would it be better to more carefully remove the adhesive with something like Goof-Off. We tested this and it works, but would be a tedious process.

The 2nd and 3rd pictures are of a small section that we started to remove.

Thank you for any suggestions

Looks like Reflectix or some type of sound deadening material. If it were me I would just cover it up and leave it alone. It’s a 2021 so any chances or rust are pretty minimal, especially if you don’e see any on the undercarriage of the van. The Promaster vans are galvanized so the steel is coated before painting with extra rust protection.

I agree that if you scrap it all off it will just create more places for rust to take hold.

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Looks like what I just applied to my van. Siless 80 Mil Sound Deadening membrane. Mfg. recommended pressing it on with a hard roller. Definitely don’t think this material is meant to come off once applied.

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That is a sound deadener not reflex or low e. It is a peel and stick product. The bscking is a tar like material. Do not remove as your 1st step has been done for you.

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Thank you all for the information. We are going to leave it as is and continue building it out on top of this material. We also found some spare material still in the packaging, and it does say that it is just a fire barrier and sound deadener. Thank you for saving us a lot of unnecessary work.