Reliable parking in Lincoln City, OR area?

Hey everyone,

I got the motorcycle mounted on the back of the van and I’m a few days from the end of my build out and then about to make the move out of southern Oregon and head to the coast!

Does anyone happen to have any experience with van lifing around the Lincoln City/Neskowin area?

I’m not asking for you to call your friend and ask if I can use their driveway :joy: I’m just looking for some advice on parking around there before I go!

Thanks you so much you awesome people!!


In most coastal cities/towns, there is no sleeping in vehicles allowed except in paid campgrounds, and it is strictly enforced with often high fines, and even towing. They want you in paid campgrounds only, and it isn’t even allowed on private property.

Far enough out of town, there is sometimes some limited camping available. Be careful, many areas in Oregon require paid permits, and it can get very confusing. It cost me so much for all the different permits one year, that the next year I just went straight to Washington where a single pass covers the whole state.


"Free camping is rarely free, you'll pay for it dearly in
extra gas, vehicle repairs, and tire replacements." ~ LonelyHearts

Can confirm that parking on the coast can be a challenge. We just came form there and this time of year if you didn’t reserve a spot at a paid campground then good luck. Sometimes you get lucky at the first come first serve places. Quite a few campgrounds out there are closed right now as well.