Reliable Class B

I have been looking and researching vans for a while now, building one out myself vs buying a used class b van. Because of some of my physical limitations and the feedback I read from other posts on this forum, I am leaning towards buying a used class b. I am not new to RVs as I have been camping in them since I was 3 years old however this would be the first time I purchased one of my own and living full time out of. I have heard good things about used Road Trek’s and Xplorers. However I am in SW Pennsylvania and most that I see in my price range, 15k or under but could go to 20k, are in FL, or out west. A bit far for me as of now. I am wondering if anyone knows if there are any other makes of older used class bs that would be worth looking into and exploring? And what are some potential deal breakers before traveling to view a vehicle. Thanks for your time and input.

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Class C, van front motorhomes are often cheaper and more readily available than Class B’s. The added room inside is appreciated by many as well. There are several choices on Pittsburgh Craigslist for under $10k.


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Thanks for the advice and link!!