Reinvented wheels

Hello everyone!! I’m new to this forum but here is a little info on me and my background!

My name is Tom, married to wife, Kaylie with a 2year old son, harry and we live in Liverpool, uk. I am a sheet metal fabricator by trade and was due to take over the family business but needing a change in my life I left at Christmas 2017 to try something new!! I didn’t know exatly what at the time but after being wriddled with the travel bug for years, traveling in vans and always wanting my own camper van I realized that converting vans would be perfect for me!! So that’s what I went for. I finished and sold my first conversion in April this year and since then have converted a 70s caravan into a catering van and I’m now onto my second van. I’m happy with the way it’s panning out so for so onwards and upwards ay! :call_me_hand:t3::minibus:


Are you guys living out of a van yourself? Or just converting them for them? And if you’re not, do you plan on moving into a van?

At the moment I am just converting vans. The plan for us would be to just take as many breaks away as possible I think. Never say never though. I think the biggest issue for my wife would be the school thing. Our son is due to start soon and she doesn’t like the thought of him not going to school and moving around so much. It would be great if there was someone on here who has been, or is in a similar situation who can share their experiences? Home school info etc???

Cheers :+1:t2:

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I think you guys should take Harry on an amazing road trip and maybe that’ll help completely change his perspective on a nomadic lifestyle.

Other then that, I think you guys can definitely make a living by travelling the world and converting vans. I can’t remember his username but there was someone on here who was doing the same.

yeh Maybe we will do that!! I’ll start looking into the home schooling thing and start sending the links to kaylie😝 we have done a few road trips and loved them but they have never been more than week or two long so it would be good to do a couple of months and see how it goes!

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What vehicle do you guys take on road trips?

I homeschooled my 3 kids (adults now), about 5 years of which were on the road. I’m unaware of a traditional school that can offer the education the kids got on the road.

I agree, start with small trips and work up. I suggest talking to your local homeschool groups to ask questions. You might even find some who are on the road!

If you have a portfolio of your conversions I’d love to see what you’ve done.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply and thanks for sharing your story. I’ll definitely try and find the local home schooling groups and do some research.

we have also Decided To do a 2 month trip around Europe next summer so we now have that to look forward to and plan for. I better get some vans converted and sold! :laughing:

I would love to share my vans with you you can check out my Instagram if you like it’s @escape.conversions (I’ve changed my name since signing up to this forum! :laughing:) but here is a couple of pics anyway


Up to now we have used a Vw crafter and a Citroen relay. The plan is to have a crafter/sprinter that we can afford to keep hold of. At the min we have a plan to travel Europe for 2 months next summer with our son Harry and then 3 month old baby! We will probably have to sell that one after our trip but hopefully we will be one step closer to having our own.

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No not living out of a van… yet. At the minuet I am converting vans to save for our own van trips!


Awesome! Sounds like a great plan. I wish you much luck!

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Looking outstanding man. Very Clean

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