Registering as RV in Oregon

Hey everyone, I must bought a converted transit out of Texas and drove it back up to Oregon. I am curious to see if anyone has registered their DIY conversion as an RV in the state of Oregon. I’m having trouble finding too much information on the Oregon DMV website. I’m sure there is a thread here somewhere on this that I have overlooked, so please steer me in the right direction.

Greetings & Welcome Back!

You will likely need to take it to the DMV to get it inspected to register it in Oregon. At that time they can tell you if you can register it as an RV or what you need to do to do so.

Even though mine is a very obvious camper van, I chose to keep it registered as a passenger van. I chose this route because many places have laws against parking RV’s on city streets, and this seems to help me get around that problem. Both Seattle & Portland (and others) have laws on the books against RV parking on the street. You might want to give that some consideration in your decision… For campgrounds & boondocking it doesn’t really matter.

RV registrations/licensing in some places is considerably more expensive too, but insurance rates might be cheaper. So there’s lots of variables to consider.


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