Recirculating shower

Odd question…

Im just starting to look at different builds and starting plans. One requirement is that there needs to be a full bath / show on board or the spouse will not accept it… I was looking at recirculating showers as a possible solution but they seem very complicated as well as they seem to hold a ton of water.

My plan – and this is where im looking for a reality check.

  • Use a smaller filter; possibly a sand filter based on fish tank filters like the Fluval 307. Use a foam filter on top with course, then fine sand with possible addition of charcoal. These filters only hold 1-4 liters of water based on the size.
  • Add an inline led UV light - AquiSense - PearlAqua Deca, to kill off any bacteria.

If done correctly i think the entire system would run on 2-3 gallons of water. My spouse and i could each shower and then the system be purged. Perhaps flushing could be done every other day or the water reclaimed for other uses (depending on toilet solution).

I should mention i doubt very much we will be boon-docking a lot. Mainly it would be for while on the road between destinations and then either staying in a hotel or rv park.

Does this plan seem to make sense or is it jsut nuts…
thanks all