Rear door insulation

Hey there,
Im converting a '97 Ford e350. I am looking to insulate and panel the back doors. Has anyone had any issues/concerns with moisture getting into the insulation in the rear doors? I know that the cargo doors have drain holes built in and I was cautioned not to block those while insulating…though I have not yet observed any water seeping or pooling in the bottom of the door cavity. Should I be concerned about using sheep wool(my main insulation in the body)? I have thought of using foam board in small chunks and or spray foam instead. I worry about spray foam with the door handle/lock mechanisms…
Thanks for your time!

Your correct,forget the foam. Absorbs water and to get access to the latch assembly inside the door. I used Siless 2mm sound deadening mat (Amazon) to cut down on road noise and the regular house roll insulation behind that to fill the inside of the door, Made sure I kept drain holes clear at bottom of door.

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I used Havelock wool insulation all throughout my e350 including the rear doors. Have not had any issues (knock on wool) with moisture getting into the rear doors.