Ramadan Mubarak from Alaska!


Introduce Yourself…

But the sun is always up! You’ll starve yourselves for sure! Yes I am aware of that- which is why the Islamic Community Center of Anchorage Alaska has chosen to follow GMT+3 Makkah, Saudia Arabia timing- as it would be virtually impossible (for most at least!) to fast for approximately 18-20 hours a day. Phew~!
My name is Kaouther, and I was born in Tunisia North Africa, life took its unpridictable and eventful course, until I met Blaine, my wonderful life partner, and the rational van-dweller among us (Camper is the third!)
Blaine and I met online over a year ago, while I was still living in Georgia, USA. We both shared the same dreams, and we aspired very little, for our dreams had no set direction. Our union was the day we cut the ties that held us down, and now UP and AWAY our little house of gold goes. Though we never had an interest in settling, there were times when the sound of city traffic made its way well into our humble little home, and tempted us with romantic ideas. Boulevard cafes, flickering laundromat lights, the faint smell of cigarettes- and beautiful people dressed in their everyday best, calling for a cab right off of crowded-life Ave. Though we talked about rustic lofts, and condos with industrial decor, we always caught ourselves admiring the world from a distance. I could take a turn off of a busy road, and into the middle of a deserted desert woods, and a streaming river- making sure our wild child doesn’t chase after a moose, and I could watch him for hours- chasing birds, chasing the breeze, chasing sunsets! We are life-watchers, and everything is new and beautiful.
We own a classic GMC Vandura, a Tiara- with a majestic glossy wooden steering wheel that I absolutely LOVE! Though we have yet to convert him, Vance has been powering through quiet a few dirt roads, and through 50mph wind! Vance made it to the last Frontier, we are very hopeful that he’ll make it anywhere else, with lots of TLC! (Tender Loving Care :smile: )

Blaine works at a Fitness Center on a military base here, in the small town of Delta Junction. Thanks to him we have quick access to showers, water, and indoor physical activities (or weightlifting, his specialty.) We both also work at the Buffalo Center Drive in that just opened up! Where you can get your local home grown, grass fed, Buffalo, Yak, and Moose Burger! JUST KIDDING, NO MOOSE. That would be illegal. During our free time, we like to find new places to take Vance, and rest up. We venture around, while Camper has the time of his life chasing everything. We like to weight train quiet a bit, I just recently hopped on the band wagon. We like to take long walks around town, with Camper of course! We like to write, take pictures, and sometimes ride moose, kidding… Though there isn’t much to do in this little town, and though we are currently work bound, we plan to travel across America after the summer, and we plan to document our lives and share it with everyone, so you too can experience an Alaskan summer on the road with us! In June, we will be heading to the famous Chickenstock Music Festival, in the well-known middle of nowhere, Chicken, Alaska.

I hope to get to know you all, and to share many more stories with eachother! Salam.

Kaouther, Blaine, & Camper.



Great story. Thanks for sharing!


Ramadan Mubarak!

Hope you do it soon and share with us :slight_smile:


Hows ramadan goign for you guys so far?
I think there’s only 12 days or so left (correct me if im wrong).

tell us about your experience with fasting on the road


Very interesting life you are living, with Alaska as a home base you have it all! You can escape winter and travel the lower 48’s until spring if you are able to break away that long. And observing your faith on the road is a balancing act on its own. You obviously have a great game plan.
Hope to hear from you soon and best of luck with your travels.