Ram Promaster Seat Options

Hello this is Kaylee and Jordan here! We are getting started on our build out process for our 3500 Ram Promaster and in the mean time have gone on a couple of trips with the van’s bare bones. We have found that the Ram Promaster seats are incredibly uncomfortable with limited lumbar support. Does anyone have any recommendations for either brand new seats or seat covers that might provide some more support? We are willing to spend some decent money as we are going to be spending a lot of time in these seats for the next couple of years. Any advice is helpful :slight_smile:

I second that! We too have a Promaster… lumbar control is not good, reclining lever at corner on the swivel seats is a horrible idea as well. I’ll be following this thread because we have accepted them but curious about better options. You may also look in the Promaster forum https://www.promasterforum.com/.
( I have not searched through there)

Do your seats not have lumbar support? I have factory seats and they are pretty darn comfortable. We have two twisting knobs, one for lumbar (I’ve never used lumber controls in any car, I always back it all the way off) and one for raising the seat back. There are also two levers that lower or raise the height of the front and back of the actual seat.

We did not get the factory swivels and installed them afterwards. Perhaps you should just look at the other seat options the promaster has out of the box. I do not believe they are all the same from the factory.