Raised refrigerator?

Has anyone seen or built out a van with a refrigerator installed higher than under the counter? While looking at various pictures, I see a lot of refrigerators built in under the counter. Due to disability, I would find it tough to continuously need to bend down to see items in a refrigerator that low. In my mind’s eye, I see it possibly in a vertical cabinet with drawers under a large dorm style fridge with possible storage above. Does that even seem possible?


In my van, I have windows all the way around, and I use them as a guideline to keep everything below that except for my upper cabinets that I only use for light weight stuff. The lower center of gravity is important to me.

My ice box is like a dorm style fridge, and sits on the floor. I have an older, swivel/reclining executive style deskchair on wheels that I sit in for working or lounging. I access my ice box while seated, and that works very well for me. The top of it doubles for both a nightstand, and extra countertop for me. I find this to be a very handy setup for me.


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