Quick introduction for the new guy

Greetings All,

I have been a long time guest viewer of this forum browsing different topics and learning from the wealth of information shared. Decided to join so I could start asking more questions on my own journey into van life.

I work a full time job and would consider my entry into this lifestyle only as a weekend warrior. At least for now. I ride road bicycles, snowboard and surf and I have found myself spending tons of money each year on traveling to different locations and having to stay in hotels, fly, and ship/pack my boards and bikes. As a solution, I have set myself a goal to build a fully capable weekend getaway van for $5000 or less including the purchase of the van in order to facilitate all my other expensive and wide spread hobbies.

The goal would be to transition into full time van living for a year once my work schedule slows down and I can take a year off.

Thats pretty much my introduction and Iā€™m looking forward to learning more from this awesome community!


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Greetings & Welcome!

Have you given any consideration to an older Class C (van front) motorhome? They can provide more room, are move in ready, and can provide more bang for your bucks.


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