Question about keeping fish in a van!

Introduce Yourself…

I’m sorry, I’m new to this, I gotta introduce myself?
I’m a teenage lad planning to travel Europe with my mate in a van when we save up.
My only question is… can we keep a fish? probably 3 small ones.
Anyone know if the movement of the vehicle will affect the fish, or if keeping a small aquarium in a van is in any way a good idea?
Anyone else keep fish in their van life?

i think the constant movement and vibration is not good for the fish, as the internal waves in the tank would be very difficult to dissipate.

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I wouldn’t do it with live fish, but I’ve seen desktop aquariums with artificial fish that swim constantly.


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Cheers mate, my friend changed his mind immediately after learning it might harm the fish

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thats good to know! well… he can have a good screensaver of a fish tank on his smartphone :stuck_out_tongue: