Pump problem?! Help a girl out!

Hi all,

So am pretty new to van life and bought my current van with a sink and pump in already. For some reason the tap got stuck the other day and kept pumping water out (fast! :/), which caused a panic as you can imagine. After it drained the whole fresh water tank we got it to stop.

It hasn’t played up for the past 2 weeks but has just done it again now. And even turned itself on! I have a Shurflow pump set up…any help or advice would be incredible!!

I’m not an expert, and don’t currently live on the road, though I used to have a VW camper van that I loved for short excursions. But:

Is there a place you can disconnect it from power? E.g., is there a fuse associated with it that can be removed (though I admit many fuses are fragile), or a breaker that can be turned off?

I bet a decent auto mechanic or other person who works on vehicle electric stuff, could install a switch.

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There should be an on/off switch for the water pump, which should be turned off anytime it isn’t in use. If there isn’t a switch, one needs to be installed.

Your faucet not shutting off is a possibly separate problem. Is it one of those faucets with just an electric switch? If so, that switch is either bad or you have some wiring problems, possibly right at the switch. Possibly a stray strand of wire intermittently touching the wrong terminal, thus bypassing the switch.


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I guess it’s possible the pump forced that valve open. I have had this happen before but only when I left the pump turned on and was driving on an insanely bumpy road. As @Van_Dweller - you definitely want an toggle switch to ensure this doesn’t happen.

How did you get it to stop pumping once all the water was gone. Typically they don’t care and just pump until a certain psi is met.