Propex Heater Fix

Hello! I’m Lucas, pals call me Luke

My Propex heater’s thermostat was out of power last night so I decided to look into it this morning. I discovered that 2 of the 6 wires had been potentially shaken from the PCB Connector to the circuit board of the Propex. I don’t have a clue how this could have happened…seems almost impossible. Almost like some little munchkin got in there and sabotaged my thermostat!

Anyways, It seems like an easy enough fix but I have no idea where to find the proper tin terminals depicted below…

I’ve contacted Propex directly but it’s the weekend and won’t hear back until Monday. Figured I’d see if someone hear had a resolution in the mean time.

Thanks in advance!

Luke, Julia, Nelson (dog) & our van Trudy.