Promaster windows installation

Hi everybody!

I’m in the middle of slowly converting my PM. It’s time to install windows. There is a thing I can’t figure out quite well: is it ok to install a flat window on the PM curved sheet metal?
My windows are about 20”x30”. They will go one right behind the driver seat (window for the backseats), the other on the side door. The metal sheet curves a little less than 1/4” compared to a straight line. I’m building an internal wood frame, which is necessary so the whole window kit will fit. If I install the windows using my flat frame, will those bend the curved metal excessively? Or that will be barely noticeable? Anybody here already went through this issue?


I think normally curved windows are used, however the framing could allow for compensating for a flat window. Another alternative might be using something like Lexan, which is bendable.


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