Project AdVANture

Hello vanlife peeps!

My name is Kyla and I am currently in the process of researching the best van to purchase for family adventures. While I plan to keep my home for now, I do want to build something I can take around the country for long weekends or maybe even weeks at a time. Forget homeschooling - I want to world school my kids. :blush: I Love new adventures and I may just ditch the home altogether when the kids are gone!!!


A few months ago, I bought my 2008 bus/van from a senior center. It had just under 140,000 miles, had regular maintenance and was in really good shape. I put a bid in at $1,000 and drove it home a week later. If this might be of interest, contact any agencies that use vans and small buses and get on their bid list. When vehicles come available, they will notify you.


I love this! I wonder if I could apply it to myself in some sort of adult education kind of way.


Love this idea. Your kids will love it.

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Ooooooh yes! Thank you for the tip!!!

What type of conpanies do this. I was thinking like the post office or ambulance? Would be awesome getting an ex military vehicle to take off road. :evergreen_tree:

As other people have commented, I love this quote!

That is a REALLLY good tip!

You can find a bunch of military vehicles for auction at low prices by just googling “military vehicles for sale”
Heres one of those websites:

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I will post a notice when another one comes up for sale.