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Just a caveat - the links are not “affiliate” links. I am just sharing what I’ve found in the hope it might be useful for someone else. :slight_smile:

The first find is a low-cost wood stove that will work in a van or truck. (Lone Wolf 902 on YouTube demonstrates many of Pamoly’s line of small wood stoves on his channel. His reviews are thorough and he answers all questions that come in through comments.) These stoves, either titanium or stainless steel are designed for hot tent camping…so they come with chimney piping and the accessories necessary. I purchased a medium sized Dweller made by Pomoly ( for $375.00. Of course, all the caveats apply. Be smart, follow the instructions and don’t be dead. I didn’t want diesel heat given the uncertain availability of fuels these days (I live in Europe…) and propane is expensive, availability is spotty and the canister connectors change from country to country. I also wanted a “dry” heat for the van. This stove is small enough that I can move it in and out of the van as necessary since we still don’t know what the status of gas heat will be this winter here - and I’d rather be prepared.

The second item is a great little rechargeable, cordless fan that works a charm and uses between 3-24w when plugged in with a DC motor.

Litmor Cordless Air Circulator Fan

The fan has three speeds, including an eco-mode that will run for 12 hours on one charge. It can be controlled via remote and the handle actually works as an LED light with two settings. It also has a wide swivel range to keep the entire room cool. The highest speed is too high for me - it’s not super inexpensive ($80.00 +/-?), but in these days of increasing heat - this might be a decent solution for someone that wants a low wattage fan to help stay cool.

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I think my AC/DC/Battery fans of about the same size were like under $15 at a local Walmart…

I usually just run mine off from 12v DC, but I could use rechargeable batteries in it, and use my tabletop solar battery charger to recharge them. I think they’re O2 Cool brand.


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Thanks for your input @Van_Dweller.

I avoid purchasing anything from Walmart that is not absolutely necessary. Everything I have bought from there turns out to be cheap (not in a good way), China-made, and a product that falls apart within six months of my purchase. Even if there were one close by - I would seek out other options. As my late MIL used to say - “Only rich people can afford to buy cheap.” Some people prefer to spend a little more for a quality product or experience and to avoid the buy-break-buy/replace-another cycle.

Nothing wrong with doing it either way, I think. It definitely depends on the person, their budget and their expectations of products they purchase.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 76 years of experience it’s that the price you pay has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the product.

Quality products can be found cheap, and garbage products can have a very hefty price tag. In this case, the O2 Cool brand is a good one, whether it is bought at Walmart, online, or elsewhere. Myself and many others have had very good experiences with their fans.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller