Problem with Durite VSR clicking on/off


Hello everyone, a while ago we got a voltage sensitive relay; this one

We had it working at the start, when we first bought it. It was bought at the same time as our first battery before everything else was set up. After we added the second leisure battery (same type connected in parallel) and connected the batteries to an earthing point the voltage sensitive relay has stopped working.
Right now everything is connected and working except the relay. It clicks on, stays on for a second then clicks off. Then repeats over and over. Think the problem might be the earthing point but not sure? (It’s connected to the chassis, as is the leisure battery - have scratched the paint away)

Anyone know common causes for the relay to click on and off continuously? Appreciate any info/experience you have!



Personally, I don’t like VSR’s. A switched solenoid is much more dependable, and it can be triggered by a switch, the ignition, or both.



Honestly, you don’t really need a VSR unless you’re wiring the batteries in series. I don’t know who told you that you needed one. But I am an electrician and can confirm you don’t need one. If you wanna run a 5000w inverter then perhaps you’d want one. But you can live very comfortably off of a 3000w inverter. Lemme know if you have any questions!


Hi there! Thank you so much for your response. Sorry, maybe I should have said I am using the VSR for split charging! Is it safe to wire the VSR earth to the negative of the leisure battery or does it need its own earthing point on the chassis?

Excuse me if I’m asking a stupid question!!


As long as everything is negatively grounded, anything you do ground is an extra safety feature! Which is a good thing



No question is a stupid one when you need answers.

Can you explain what you mean by split charging?

If the leisure battery is grounded, grounding the VSR to it should be fine.

You might wish to double check that your leisure batteries are indeed wired in parallel and not accidentally in series. If the VSR detected 24 volts, it would definitely click back off.



In my experience, check and make Shure that the batteries are in fact running in series and not parallel. The added voltage would trigger a shut down. Also if you can ground all your components separately do it. It’s just one more added level of redundancy. Hope that this helps you out. Happy travels.