Portable sink for indoors or outdoors


I realize there are easier and cheaper ways of having a portable sink, like a basin below a gravity fed jug of water, but for those interested in having an actual sink and keeping things portable, this looks like a great option! I’ve never heard of it before. What do you think?



I just use dollar store dish pans and spray bottles…


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I remember you saying that. A sink isn’t a big concern for me and I don’t even want the one I posted, but I’ve never seen anything like that before. If they’re common or well known, I’m sorry to have wasted a thread on it. I’ll blame it on being a hermit for over a decade! Some of the people I know will say, “Welcome out from under that rock you’ve been living under. This is normal,” if I wonder at something that’s apparently common. LOL I don’t mind! I don’t have thin skin or precious feelings! I can just see how useful this would be in so many situations apart from van life!

The reason I DO like this for van life is that it’s moveable. I’ve heard a lot of van dwellers talk about how they wish they could reconfigure their van layouts but can’t, mostly because their sink is fixed in place.



It’s not a wasted thread because I’m sure that it may be a good solution for some. I happen to know of many that are called portable wash stations, but they’re typically a lot pricier than this one. Regardless, I think it’s much better to have too many options than not enough.


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Thinking about it, I’d love to DIY one of these with a larger basin to fit my needs. I love the portability of not having to have it in one spot all the time.


The guy in this video has this sink in his Chevy Express 2500 high top. Nice to see it in perspective.