Pop-top add ons

Hi, I’m trying to find information on pop tops to add onto a van build. I’ve seen vanagon & westfalia, & sportsmobile. I would most likely install it myself, but I’m not sure where to find used ones for sale.

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There are basically 2 kinds of pop-up tops, those that use canvas/fabric, and hard sided ones. I prefer the hard sided type.

Basically the place to find used pop-up tops is either wrecking yards or through classifieds. Pop-up tops seem to have lost a lot of their popularity in favor of high tops, so finding used ones is going to be just that much more difficult.

Hard sided pop-up tops are extremely easy to make, are very durable, and can even incorporate opening windows.

Take a look at the folding milk crate below. The same can be made using the foamie method, and it will be both lightweight and durable. Just make the long sides the solid sides, and the shorter front and rear the folding panels.


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