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I’m new to the forum and not sure if this type of question is allowed here or belongs just let me know if not. I live in A.Z. and have been living in my E250 about 4 months now. Not by choice but by unfortunate circumstances. This isnt fancy or built to live in this was my personal business work van pre covid. After 50 some thousand stolen dollars and losing everything i made due and made it comfortable. Ive spent 90 percent of my time in the drivers seat. I got a lot of go to places and such but got a lot of not so go to places also. I been trespassed out of 3 places and thrown outta many more. My problem im having goes in hand with why i spend 90 percent of my time in the drivers seat. This is in reference outside of anywhere i may be that’s not listed in my go to places thats is, I cant seem to sit anywhere for any period of time without Someone calling in or cops approaching me. If i dare get out of my drivers seat im for sure hit. If i for one second of enjoying the luxeries of my HOME im done.
Ive had police with guns drawn through the front window at least 10 times. Im not stupid, im not messy, im not loud, in fact most times i do venture out of drivers seat im sleeping for the most part. After researching laws and such apparently the “we got a call” or im a suspicipus vehicle wins regardless. then the immediate step out of the vehicle then they start peepimg inside while another cop interrogates you for you hanus crimes. Ive been told it looks terrible and that people think im dead or a terrorist lol. I landed a really nice setup with my gym, I had about 4 acres behind the building where NOBODY utilized it. Id stay there days at a time. I eventually brought it up to the night guy i friended just for brownie points. Used gym for shower btw obviously. I told him i got a call from management and it scared me because i had ran out of gas out back and figured it was over that cause id been there like 3 days. Neither one of them knew and both laughed it off. This continued over a month. I felt safe and knew my van was safe there. A few weeks back i got a flat no spare no family in az to help or nothin no ride or no cash. I was back there 5 days. Im in the desert but it gets cold. About 35 this night plus my windows are busted out from the storage facility fire. This is where my van was set on fire with everything i owned Fire department punctured all tires busted all windows pryed back doors and side doors. Long story. This was one of the places i was trespassed but anyhow cold. The last day i just got a can of fix a flat and a lil cash. I needed to charge my phone before hitting the shower so i could start my day. I got in my van n was charging phone doing work stuff when i see something move
I look up and see a gun and hear what are you doing blah blah. I had a lil tree which i don’t care for just holiday fun but it was left out. I had windows covered decent but knew it had to be moved so i forced it to the floor hid pipe as they see me rustle there going for doors lol. I get out wrapped lke a caterpillar in blankets and junk food there freaking out stuff is falling out im trying not to grab shit or reach for anything. The neighbor people called on me plus i admitted to the trees. Said i had a warrant for trespassing after running my name for the storage facility. i had no clue i even had court. Regardless its 247 gym im allowed there at any time any day. They let the tree go said id be out by 12 they couldnt tow me on private lot. Spent 3 days in jail luckily i wasnt towed still got court all for my van being set on fire 12 k in damages. Ok rant over so my question is
How the hell yall getting away with being in your van anywhere or enjoying this lol because this is basically a full time road trip for me except im the only driver

#1 would be to not break any laws as you’re obviously doing now. There are a pile of places you can camp for free, especially in AZ, so there is little excuse for that. Maybe try a city like Portland or New Orleans where you can sleep in your car without worry?

What you’re doing now is ruining it for everyone else.

I’ve never, ever had any of the problems you describe. Without knowing all sides the story(ies), I can’t really say much. This may sound a bit harsh, but I really do believe that we create our own luck.

Greetings & Welcome!

It sounds to me like your van could be your biggest problem, in attracting unwanted attention. My van is old and no beauty queen, but it isn’t burnt up or have any broken windows.

Except for when I’m patronizing a business, I park legally on the street almost exclusively. In my experience, people who don’t know you will always assume the worst. For this reason, I always try to get to know my neighbors, and consequently them getting to know that I want to be a good neighbor, so we can all watch out & help each other. This method has always worked well for me.

Check the laws & try to stay legal, and stay off private property unless you have written permission. Don’t park in front of someone’s house without permission. (I actually have neighbors who request that I park in front of their houses.) My presence seems to be a neighborhood crime deterrent, and my neighbors appreciate that.

Another option, which can even be a paid option, is to find someone who needs night time security. You get a legal place to sleep, and get paid for it. I’ve done this myself when I’ve been in cities where I couldn’t legally park on the street. Living alternative & occasionally illegal lifestyles, sometimes we need to get creative to stay legal while still accomplishing our other goals.

At other times when what I’m doing is illegal, I’ll rent a $50-$75 a week room, with off street parking. I usually don’t use the room, but I have a legal parking spot, and maybe free WIFI, ice, and a low cost laundromat on site. I don’t waste my time or energy on trying to be stealthy, just on staying legal.

As a person, you don’t want to look or act like a homeless person, and you need to be polite and respectful. These simple things can make a huge difference in your life. I don’t doubt your story, I’ve had my share of misfortunes too, but a positive forward looking attitude will usually get you farther with strangers. People tend to respect others that are hard working, trying to better themselves, or helping others.

Any time and in almost any city, is a great time to start a new business on a shoestring budget, especially in the homeowner or business services categories. I have a friend who travels the country, and when he needs money, he places an ad on Craigslist for drain cleaning & toilet unclogging, then he rents the equipment to do the job. He makes enough in a week to travel on for months. There’s never a shortage of homeowners or businesses that need something. Find a demand, and fill it. It really is that simple.

Good Luck & Cheers!

"Beat Murphy's Law with a KISS! (Keep It Stupidly Simple)" ~ Van_Dweller

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