Plywood over 1 1/4" wood planks and 1" insulation

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So the plywood that I have is pretty thin. We got the cheapest plywood we could get because we are working on a budget. We put our planks down and put our 1" insulation in between the planks. But the insulation lays under the wood and I was not expecting the difference. I believe its only a quarter of an inch but i think the plywood is 1/4 of an inch. If we make sure the plywood is safely nailed into the planks of wood, do you think this will be fine?

I’m not really clear on what you are asking here. Are you referring to the floor or the walls. For the walls I’m sure it’s fine, but you probably won’t be hanging, affixing, or standing anything on 1/4 inch wood unless the studs are right against each other.

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Like @Bretly said, your description is confusing… We need to know whether we’re talking about the floor or walls, and you need to define what you’re talking about when you say “planks”.

Please define planks and the type of insulation we’re talking about. It looks like you sandwiched the insulation between “planks”. Whatever “planks” are… Is it one plank, or multiple planks laid side by side? Is there a gap between them? How much of a gap? What is the width & height/thickness of the planks.


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