Plumbing question

I have to replace a dura faucet connected to my water tank because one of the knobs got blown off i believe because the water froze

I cant get it disconnected though because i cant loosen the nut connecting it to the pipe

I am attaching a picture. I think the nut may be glued on as i cant turn it. Any guess on how this might be connected and how i can replace it


Can you turn the nut connected to the tank; black one with the finger ridges?

No. Not at all. I expect it is glued. That is my guess

It is probably tight as can be. I had a similar issue on an older one and it took a lot of grunting to get it to move. This picture is a but confusing, is this sideways and is that the bottom of a sink or of a water tank?

You could always just cut the two pieces of PVC where it says “E84” then pull the whole assembly so you can work on it. Then simply put it back together with two shark fittings. No glue or anything necessary.

There is also the option to just replace all of that PVC with PEX while you are doing this. It’s a really cheap and easy material to work with and you do not have to worry about winterizing it. It also bends pretty easily around corners. The shark fittings if you use them just snap together and can be taken apart as well. Or you buy the cheap ones you just crimp on. Just a thought.

Can pex be connected to pvc? I could cut the pvc in the middle and replace all the pvc connected to the valve and then connect that to the pex

Yes pex can be connected to pvc and copper. You just get the shark fitting for that application. Plan it out first, the fittings are about $5 a piece if you get the ones that snap together. You really only need a couple though.

It is a little hard to see here. But this is a piece of pex with a crimp on the bottom and a shark fitting in top.