Please allow us to introduce ourselves

We are the self titled Midlifeadventurers. We wanted to say thank you to Nomadic for letting us join this great forum.
We have owned several vans however none yet for “Full-time” living only weekending and long vacations and travels.
We are in the process of shopping for our next vehicle which will be a shuttle bus which in our opinion is the best possible vehicle for a plethora of reasons…did we use that word right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We will be living in this vehicle for 8-10 months out of the year traveling with some time dedicated to home and family around holidays.
We promise to always be polite but at the same time be voices of reason. We feel there is way to much bad information and false expectations brought on by Instagram, YouTube’ers etc and would love to give the “otherside” opinions to get people to think before jumping in to a trap like your typical “Were buying a new Ford 3500 extended because we wanna try van life”.
We have plenty of great tips and tricks we would love to post in the future to help others out.
Thx again.

Greetings & Welcome!

We try hard to dispell the BS on instagram & youtube too.

Have you considered a cheap older RV? They can often save you time & money, & be move in ready. Even though I am currently in a DIY camper van, I have had great luck with very cheap older motorhomes. They are often in immaculate shape, with low miles, and all necessary maintenance done just before being put up for sale.


"Money only buys happiness if it's spent wisely." ~ MoneyMisers