Platform bed too high?

do people like their platform beds or do they feel too high to get in comfortably?

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Two things are important to me, I don’t want to have to crawl up to get into bed, and I want to be able to sit up fully while in bed, and put my feet on the floor.

I still have storage to spare without the need of a high bed, and I would downsize first if need be.


"Beat Murphy's Law with a KISS! (Keep It Stupidly Simple)" ~ Van_Dweller

We crawl up but have a step. As @Van_Dweller said, sitting up is a must. Space is a commodity. We have a high bed but have given up full length top cabinets. Storage above or storage below, think about what might be up there. We have large drawers below our bed to keep our climbing gear and tools.

Also, our pups cannot get into our bed unless we let them. It’s a small spot and some nights it is just better if they are not hogging it up at their will. Especially if they decided to roll around in something nasty.

Ditto to Bretly. I don’t want my senior Border Collie to have to jump too high, up and down. :slight_smile:

I’m only 5’9" and I can still sit on the bed and type comfortably at my table with laptop. Still have room for these under the bed: