Planning van life with a dog?

I am currently planning to travel Europe with a friend.
We plan to have separate vans as we appreciate our own space and both have dogs.
However one thing that’s worrying me is the possibility of having to leave her in the van be that for groceries or anything else that crops up, and we would like to get working visas to possibly work for a while before we move to somewhere else. My dog IS crate trained from a pup and finds safety in being in there when I go out to work normally (I have tried to leave her in the house, she eats anything in sight be that sofas or walls… and have tried her in a bigger space like the kitchen, she howled for 3 hours and cried!)
I am also aware of any “relatively hot” weather we might face.
We are both VERY new to travelling, and won’t be going for another 2 years, but are taking this into consideration with the choice of van… I have a small Jack Russel size breed and my friend has a Labrador.
Also are there any other things we should definitely take into consideration and think about in the meantime.

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We have a.c. and a strong fan in our can, but if temps are hot we don’t leave our dog unattended for more than about 15 minutes. You can buy devices that can send you alerts about temps in your van. But in the end of the day, it is a vehicle, and we won’t risk it. We have had our inverter fail on us and the a.c shut down, we know those are possibilities so we don’t take the risk. If we need to grocery shop when it is that hot, one of us stays with the dog. Or we plan to do that stuff in the evening when it cools down.