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Hello all. I’m in the design and shopping phase, planning on becoming a full time van lifer. I have a question for you: does anyone have a cat living in your van/skoolie/RV with you? I’m expected to take my little furbaby with me, but I’m not sure how she will take to it. She’s been 100% indoor her entire 6 years of life and only had the rare car trip.

I’m not a big forum person, but I thought this might be a helpful place to be.

I’m currently in north Florida but will probably be in western North Carolina for a while when I have gotten my van built.

All you can do is try. Your cat will probably get used to the new living situation, but it may take some time. Provide a safe place for it that’s familiar.

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I’m not a cat guy but I’d start by feeding the cat in the van. The cat might associate the van as a “happy place” that way. We have one dog that hated riding in the truck so we took her on short trips for a while. Just a mile or so. We worked her up to it. She’s finally figured out that she isn’t going to die. Put stuff in the van that is from home so it smells like home. Your vet can also prescribe pills but our dog got really stoned on them and you have to time trips around “pill time”. Never worked. I kept them in case I need them someday. :wink:

PS: I’ve been to Florida, if you come to western NC you might just stay :wink:

Actually, WNC is my adopted home. I lived there for many years. We came to FL for my partner’s work…but I’m going back to NC because FL is not a good place for me to be. I need my beautiful, ever changing forests!

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