Planning my first real Road Trip!

May 2021 - Hi everyone!

My name is Phoebe and I own a 1997 Renault Traffic, Sheila. She has been having repairs for weeks (Failed MOT and lots of work!) - it’s going to cost a bomb! but it’s worth every penny, the garage have done great work and even though it’s expensive it’s still a good price given the amount of work done.

I’m going to pick her up at the end of this week and start to do smaller local trips and overnights just to get back into van life again and to visit friends etc. I was in for about 3 months and then needed these repairs done and so came to stay with family. I’m going a bit crazy being stationary but learning that van life really is for me :slight_smile:

I am starting to look forward to the future, now that we’re rounding the end of the repairs and starting to plan my first big road trip! It’s going to be from where I am, down to the south Coast of the UK and all the way from Brighton in the East to Penzance on the most westerly point of England. I’m so excited! It’s about 500 Miles, it’ll take about a month - 6 weeks (a couple days in each stop) and will also go some way to completing my ‘National Parks’ list.

Does anyone have any advice on planning my first trip? I’m going to look at fuel costs, food costs as well as my living expenses. I will be working from the van which means that the budget is not too limited but still not the most. Is there anything else I should be looking at and taking into account?

I’d also love to record it and put it on Youtube (I seem to forget all my adventures and want to remember this one!), any advice for working, filming and editing on the road?

Thanks in advance!

Phoebe x

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