Planning a trip for next year

Hi! My boyfriend and I are planning to take a year off next spring to travel around the US. We are in very early planning stages - setting a savings goal, researching used cars, and looking into health insurance coverage while we are unemployed. I’m excited to be a part of this community and learn more!


We’re excited to have you here as well. Keep us updated on everything, let us know how it goes!
Is this your first time doing something like this?
Did you guys decide how long of a trip you will be taking?

Also, feel free to share any useful information, or tips and tricks you guys learn :blush:

Thanks! Yep this will be a first for me, second time around for him. We’d like to take something like a year off, that’s what we’re planning for. Our current “argument” is: minivan or Subaru wagon! :joy: I see the spaciousness argument of the van but they’re just…so…un-cool!

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Haha, I feel ya :joy:

I don’t think you cool correctly?? :joy::joy:

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In my humble opinion comfort is much more important than cool. Comfort will improve your enjoyment much more than cool. There will be days when you’ll be wanting to hang out in your rig all day, and maybe multiple days due to foul weather. This can be comfortable or miserable, the choice is yours but worthy of consideration


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A year in the back of a wagon with my partner … ahhhhh … no! lol. Been there and done that for a year in a Falcon Panelvan back in the 80’s. A bit cramped with one let alone two - give me a bus anytime :wink:

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