Planet Fitness Memberships

Is there a best location or time of year to purchase a Planet Fitness membership? Are there seasonal sales? I’m thinking about the black Card membership so 2 of us can use it as we travel.


Unless you’re actually planning on using a gym to exercise, I think they’re a huge waste of money. No camping setup is complete without your own toilet and shower. With a van, even a minivan, you have plenty of room. For a car, you can get a pop-up shower tent, or shower in a swimsuit. You can also shower while seated in a low top van or even a minivan.

The bottom line is that you can have your own for less than a month or two of a gym membership, and the convenience factor is huge.

I’m a pretty firm believer of being as self sufficient as possible, and I feel this gym membership thing is just one more money making scam conjured up by the promoters. I prefer my own shower, but if I want a fancy one, I can get a free shower at almost any truck stop. The truck stops give the truckers free shower tickets, that they rarely use. You can often find them on a bulletin board, or in the laundry room. If not, most truckers will gladly give you theirs if they’re not going to use it themselves.

Sink baths also possible and not much of an inconvenience. Typical campers have no problems staying clean without the cost of gym membership.


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Very good tips. I wouldn’t have known to look on bulletin boards, in laundry time, or to ask a trucker.!

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I have the black card membership

When I do go and take a shower there it’s like an hour long. Super friggin hot. Scrub every inch kinda shower.

Usually I boil water and do a cowboy bath with a wash cloth and my sink

I have a spout for the end of the 2 liter water bottle.

I also have a 5 gallon shower bag that I attach to the top of my van on the back doors. I throw a shower curtain between them and I have some privacy.

But with all the other expenses I have cut. I see this as a luxery expense. Plus when I travel with more than just me or I’m out of state, it’s nice to know I can freshen up pretty much anywhere.

I quit smoking. Lol
Instead I have shower membership. It’s still cheaper.

I’m wondering if the memberships every go on sale for less$$ than other times it if some parts of the country have better pricing than others.

Planet Fitness is great for people who have great fitness goals, especially the place so clean and equipped with advanced machines. planet fitness trainers are also very understanding and help you meet your goals in all possible ways. cheaper than other gyms and you can use a planet fitness at any location. for a Classic membership, you have to pay $10 monthly and the price varies for different memberships. planet fitness contact numbers available online feel free to contact them for further assistance.

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Most of the gyms are filing for bankruptcy and closing down. I wouldn’t suggest signing up for any of them until we see how things shake out.

My toilet & shower combined cost under $20, and the convenience is priceless.


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