Penny Shopping & big time money savers


A neighbor & friend who is on a fixed income, and thought I should share this with others…


This may be a thing here already but in case others were like me and out of the loop, you might be interested to know that Dollar General has a penny list where select seasonal items to be removed from the floor and stock are marked down to 1c because the registers can’t ring up 0c…and if you use the DG app scanner and show up at your nearest Dollar General when corporate releases the penny list, you can literally stock up on hundreds of products, clothing, etc, for a penny each - spend 2 bucks for hundreds of dollars of merch. It’s definitely real so look up penny shopping on YT for people giving the scoop on that.

Also cool as hell is the walmart hidden clearance. Apparently you can use the walmart app scanner in the store and see the actual hidden clearance price that will ring up which may be different from the tag on the box or shelf. Also check out YT for hidden clearance walmart…and also applies for other stores like target and home depot.

There’s an app called Telegram that posts all kinds of deals and sends you txts. I’ve not used it much but did install it and it blows up my phone with all kinds of offers. Just nothing of interest to me so far but it’s definitely active.

And finally, Michaels $4 mystery boxes have a really cool variety of stuff in big ass boxes they put out…pay $4 and get all kinds of stuff they’re getting rid of. Also check the color label boxes on the bottom of the item or the tags. You can find their typical ridiculously overpriced stuff normally at 80 bucks for 3 or 4 bucks with these colored labels. Great for crafters on the road.

Might be worth paying attention to if you’re living frugally to keep up with them.

I had no idea this was a thing. Obviously sales, yes but the hidden pricing on select items and the penny lists - that was super exciting to find out. Thought I’d pass it along for you who are living on a budget…might be a great way to stock up and pick up items cheap if you’re into the arbitrage thing as a mobile gig.

Don’t forget to install the apps to your favorite food spots and shopping spots and sign up for their discount deals offers. I don’t eat Burger King much these days but still have it on the phone…and every day there’s some really good meal deals that are app only. Subway, Arby’s, etc. and Family Dollar is also really active.

Some vids about it:


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