Passenger, crew, or cargo + extra seats?

Hi everybody!

Noob here following the dream. I want to get a van and converting it at some point in my life. I’m try to figure out what would be the best bet in order to use it with my whole family, wife and 2 children.
So, I need 2 extra seats.

My discussion here would be wether is better to find a van already with extra seats installed (crew or passenger), or adding 2 extra seats to the cargo area.

I wonder what’s best in terms of costs and safety.


07949217777. Tarian.

I have some beautiful " Real leather seats " They are reclining seats, rear table trays, and drink holders, storage pockets, arm rests and fitted tested seatbelts built into the seats.

These seats are normally £1000+ but will sell £500 per double with fitting brackets as I need to start my own van project when ive raised £10000.

Im in South Wales CF398DP.

With all respect, that doesn’t answer my question.
I see just an attempt to sell your seats to me.

So please, let’s keep this thread clean.


Greetings & Welcome!

I didn’t see where you’re located, and I know laws vary in different areas.

I like the layout of the older VW Westfalia’s. Regardless of whether you’re buying one pre-made, or converting it yourself, I think their layout is well thought out.


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