Passenger/Cargo Van Campground Parking Question

Are cargo/passenger van rigs generally accepted at many RV campgrounds? I know that some do not accept odd vehicles, cars, busses, etc., and usually, RVs can’t be more than 10 yrs old. I’m going nomad next yr and will start with a van. While I will park at many types of places, I would like to use campgrounds occasionally. Thanks!


Private RV parks, may or may not be problems, your odds are much better with a window van.

Some might require you to have a tent to take advantage of a tent site, and won’t allow you in an RV site. I have an ez-up type canopy with the tent attachment. I can use it for an awning or a tent, so it’s pretty handy and well worth the space it takes up. (I also have the screen room attachment, which makes it even more versatile.)

Once upon a time I had one with the clear plastic windows, which I really miss, but haven’t stumbled upon any new ones. I left mine up to make a store run, and came back and it was gone. Never leave anything at a campsite of any value to you, don’t even leave it out at night, or even if you just go for a walk. In a group, I’ve never had trouble, but alone you’re very vulnerable. I’ve had stuff stolen, and/or vandalized even in the boondocks many miles from civilization.


"Always avoid expensive solutions to cheap problems." ~ OffGrid

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We’ve never had issues at campgrounds we’ve been too. We’ve only experienced the 10 year thing in Portland before we got a newer van. I don’t think you’ll have any issues, besides you can park just about anywhere in Portland.

We don not stay at too many paid campgrounds and when we do they are typically in NF or state parks where you are paying at a box, so ensure you carry some cash or a checkbook. These are typically cheaper and much better spaced out. Typically a better location too. Some will even have power and water, it’s really hit or miss. In some national parks (quite a few), they will have areas you simply cannot go it you are over 25ft. This goes for some campground areas as well.

In regard to leaving things outside at your camp site. You should get a really cheap tent, hammock or something you don’t mind losing. It will allow you to save your spot anywhere you are doing dispersed camping. A simple rope tied between two trees with a blanket over it works just as well. Anything that says this space is occupied.

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This sounds like a great asset! I’ll look into getting one.

I’m not really shocked. I don’t trust anyone and I try to take extra precautions so I won’t have to kick myself later.

I feel that, especially since more people are nomads now, people are always looking for a chance to steal from and vandalize other nomads. Youtubers and fulltimers Liz and Paul at Liz Amazing have had their pair of electric bikes stolen twice. The 2nd time they felt they had taken good, new precautions. Something happened where they did not think anyone was around because they couldn’t see anyone and thought they were alone for some distance, then the 2nd pair was stolen. They had insurance both times.

Another Youtuber and fulltimer and his wife came back to find their truck camper set afire while they were off buying groceries. It burnt to the ground because the fire was too advanced when they got back.

Thanks for the sad reminders to always be watchful and always secure everything.

This is a good, possible alternative that can open up more parking opportunities for me, when I want to pay.

I doubt if I’ll ever make it as far northwest as Portland, OR, since I’ll be mainly in the southern midwest. Good to know though. I always hear about the beauty up there.

Yes, I’ll only do paid occasionally. When I do, I’ll be looking at NF and state parks too, Corps of Engineers, etc.

Yeah, I know, and if I ever upgrade to an RV, I’d want it to be considerably larger than that. ::

Thanks SO much for these suggestions. I plan to, hopefully, not have to leave my site very often until time to move one.