Parking issue/ resident parking for commercial vehicles

Hey Guys, am looking for some advice and suggestions. Am in the process of embarking on a van conversion, looking to convert a Ford transit into a camper. I live fairly centrally in Reading, and although I have a permit for my own car, the council stipulates it doesn’t allow residents permits to vehicles over 5.3 long or 2.25 high. A regular transit is definitely over these measurements. I was wondering whether anyone else in the community had run into this issue and how did you get around the issue of parking, I don’t want to park it and leave it far away from the house for long periods of time, and paying for a parking spot commercially is from a quick research a minimum of £70 a month which is way too expensive. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Greetings & Welcome!

Parking permits can be a royal pain even here in the USA. Do you have a friends or family with property that doesn’t have those restrictions? If you’re lucky maybe you could even work on it there… Maybe there is a cheap piece of property out of that jurisdiction?

Short of cheaper or better options, you’re likely going to have to choose between downsizing or paying their extortion fees.

Good Luck!

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