Parasitic Draw on my Van Conversion Solar Set up

Hi! I have a 300ah renogy smart battery lifepo4 set up with 440 W of solar. Victron 2000W inverter, 50amp victron mppt smart solar controller, BMV 712 monitor, dc to dc charger victron, and victron bus bar set up. My main issue is there has been a parasitic draw of 2.3 amps since I’ve been using it a month ago. I have disconnected the loads one by one including the inverter, solar charge controller, all the 12v connection and their fuses, (except the bmv 712 monitor because I was using the disconnnect switch to unload and then switch back on and check if the draw went away) and it hasn’t gone away. I used a multi-meter clamp to check the current draw between each battery. Batteries are connected in parallel, and the wires between each battery show a positive 0.4-.05 amp current (which almost adds up to the 2.2ish amp draw for each wire). Is the battery set up causing the draw? My voltage is normal, and sits around 14.2V at top charge. I’m a newb, this is my first solar set up. I’ve uploaded a pic of nothing being powered (no lights, or any other loads are on) with the solar switched on, inverter off but connected, and the -2.31Amps is the draw I keep seeing.

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For starters, I never trust those monitors… The current passing between the batteries could be them equalizing themselves.

If your read the battery voltage, each is different, that tells me something is off with them, and it also says the starter battery is at .03 volts! Maybe they just need to be synced. While I’m not familiar with those exact components, many need to be manually adjusted before they’re accurate.

I would also consider doubling your solar input.


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