Our New Van Kitten!


I have a story to tell and I promise it’s worth the read!

Backstory: My partner and I live in a campervan full-time, currently traveling in Croatia. About three weeks ago I fell in love with this adorable, clever, adventurous, little nameless stray kitten. She seriously just crawled up into our van.

I spent that whole week in with her, never apart for more than an hour. We’d go for walks (with a leash and without), she climbed trees, we’d play on the beach and she LOVED the van.

I brought her to the vet for a pet passport (!!!) shots and treatments, got her toys and a bed, but once my boyfriend got back from a quick trip home and we tried a day with her, we both freaked out a little. A lot of things can go wrong traveling with an animal, it’s a big responsibility, it can turn expensive, each country has different regulations, and it’s a 12 year commitment! We found a German couple at the campsite to watch over her, gave them all the stuff we bought, and left, driving south towards Montenegro.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. We would talk about traveling with her, how she’d love exploring with us, and basically how awesome she was. But we already decided no! We left… it’s done. We kept driving south. 10 days went by, and once we arrived to the Montenegro border, we couldn’t cross.

We turned around and drove the 5 hours north to retrieve what we left behind.

So here we sit, the three of us, deciding tomorrow’s itinerary. We have the appointments set, plans for the coming months are made, and training has begun! Everyone, welcome our new little adventure kitten, Millie!


You were right! This story was worth the read. Congrats to following your heart and going back to get her. Good luck on your travels with kitty.


Thank you so much! We are having a blast so far. We got her spayed this week too which has made it all the less stressful :joy:


My daughter also loves such clever kittens but unfortunately, I only prefer to have dogs as pets. I remember, how cruelly, a clever kitten and her mom ate my little bird few days ago. By the way, your story was worth reading. Thanks for sharing.