One van is not enough

Hi there,

I’m new on that forum and I would like to introduce myself.

My adventure with vans was started six years ago. I bought then I gen. 1983 subaru libero (domingo) 4wd and started modding to make free time vanlife as possible as it can in that small van. Most of my work you can find on my FB page:

or on Instagram:

I started also some filming, so there is couple of videos on youtube:

but only in polish language at that moment.

I designed and made some custom parts for Subaru libero: suspensiion lift, hot water tank, roof tent and awning fixtures. It is so hard to find vanlife accesories for libero, so I had to do it myself. It was good fun for me - I have CNC router and CNC lathe, so it was as much difficult and expensive - good work for long winter evenings.

Four years ago I bought also 1993 Mitsubishi L300 2wd camper van with pop up roof. Some pictures of that awsome car you can at links below.

I did thousends of kilometers, and planning new trips.

See you on roads and off road.




Your definitely right!

Making and building yourself is way more fun then getting someone to do it, or buying it. In the end it also has more value, and means more to you when you do it yourself

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What’s next on your bucket list?

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I am happy to see that you designed your own van. I always have a dream to design my van but I am not skilled.


When I was in my first year of college I built a box out of wood to show a model on for a presentation.

I said to Frank, who helped me build it, thank you so much- you made my box.

He said no, Dave you are the one that made it!

I then went on to become an architect. JUST get STARTED! :blush: You can do it!

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You’d be surprised how many people actually build their own vans without any expirenece.

It is harder but it’s definately possible!
Nowadays you can find literally anything online.