On the Road With Dogs - What to Have in Your Emergency Kit

We get a lot of questions about what we make sure to always have in the van in case of emergency when traveling with dogs. Just as you would have an emergency kit for yourself, you should prepare one for your dog as well - especially being on the road. A a lot of brands make kits that are already put together but you can just as easily make your own. Here is what is in ours (this is the kit we pack for us and the dogs): gauze pads, adhesive tape, self stick ace bandage roll, 3% hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting should your dog inject anything toxic or hazardous, ice pack, disposable gloves, benadryl, scissors, tick puller, antibiotic ointment, oral syringe, alcohol wipes, styptic powder (to stop the bleeding of a nail injury or minor cuts), saline eye solution, disposable, reusable and waterproof dog boots (we use PAWZ), emergency mylar blanket and the phone number, clinic name, address of your veterinarian and all updated vet records for each dog as well as local veterinary emergency clinics in the areas you will be traveling to. In addition to our homemade kit we also carry a lightweight hammock that can be used to carry the dogs in case they are immobile. Knowing that we have these things available gives me confidence that I can handle a very stressful emergency more effectively. What is in your kits? Are there any items I am missing that you think I should add in?



My kit is also for humans & animals even though I currently don’t have any furry family members.

I didn’t notice a snake bite kit in your listing, other than that, it looks good.

Give your pooch a high 5 from Uncle Van!


"Selfishness ≠ Happiness... Always put others first!" ~ Happy Camper


Ah! Yes! You’re so right! Since we don’t encounter them around home I always forget that one! Thank you! Adding that to my list!


I use the same medical kit that I use for myself but yes, I always keep some Fly Paper Strips to keep the flies and other pests away from my pets. These are poison free.


Oh I really like that idea for the van! Thank you so much!!

cute dog! i say a few packet of dog treats count as emergency too.
there was a time when my dog refuse to get on the van, i absolutely have no idea why.
took me a bag of treat before i coax him up.

dog treats for the win!