On the road: Seattle -> Denver

Hello there!

I am planning a trip from Seattle to Denver in May. We will be road tripping for about two weeks and we will be driving a fairy new Ford T-350. We were thinking about a hike or two nearby Mt. Rainer, then head to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Jackson Hole.
I am not very familiar with these areas so any tips regarding hikes / campsites / cool spots to visit would be great! Or even in general, if you have ever driven through those places and have some “keep in mind” tips that we should be aware of :slight_smile: From past experiences, we want to visit a few places but for more time rather than wanting to see everything but not actually enjoy it.
Oh and if anyone is going to be in the area during that time and wants to link up, let me know!

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Greetings & Welcome!

The best I have to offer is to take your time, and take detours if something of interest catches your eye. Mt. Ranier area is beautiful, Washington is beautiful, but since it is so close to home, I would probably save those for weekend excursions, to give you more time at places farther away.


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