Old bloke hitting the road

its just a guess, but I’m thinking that the vast majority of those doing the van life are under forty. Correct me if I’ve got it badly wrong!
Anyway, after single parenting, then caring for ancient parents, the time is fast approaching for some me time.
With this in mind, I gave myself a budget and went out and bought a ten year old van to covert, the van is 80% done. My plan is to be ready for next spring, this should coincide with selling the house.
Any other mature vanlifers out there?

Greetings & Welcome!

I think the majority of full timers are still seniors, but it has been catching on with younger folks. Seniors with retirement income face far fewer challenges, than those who need to work & follow schedules.

I hit the road right out of high school as a traveling construction worker. Today, I’m a senior and make my living mostly online.

We’ll look forward to hearing more from you.


"Smiles are contagious, pass it on!" ~ Van_Dweller

Your life has just begun! Its time for new adventures, new excitement and new beginnings!! :smiley:

Thanks for your encouragement! NY to Singapore? Now that’s a real journey… all the best, Steve

I turn 74 in a month, presently taking 9 months riding a motorcycle thru Europe. right now in Tuscany on a special diet, red wine and pasta! returning to the usa in January for a knee replacement, then buying a promaster, do the conversion, 3-4 month window, then hit the road. look in your rearview window about June 2020, might be me!

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oh wow! you are a full representative of “Age is just a number!”
i see that you are enjoying your full retirement!

I just turned 50 this spring, bought a 1994 VW Eurovan and am heading south in a couple of days from Alaska (home) with my 2 dogs, skis and mountain bike to see what the world has in store. In my “new” experiences that I’ve had so far while traveling around Alaska, setting up the van and shaking out the bugs, van life is ageless! - safe travels to you :rainbow::sunglasses: