Offering Help Building His/Her Van

Introduce Yourself…

Hi I’m new here. Have been fascinated with the videos about van life, journey and van builds. I have no plans yet of going van-life but I’m very handy and crafty. I’m offering my skills, time and tools to someone I can consider “in need” of help building his/her van for FREE. I am in So. Florida.


Greetings & Welcome!

Now that’s the spirit I love to see more of. :wink:


"Day Labor = Work Today, Get Paid Today" ~ Homeless-No-More

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LOL thanks! I just want to experience building one at the same time being able to help who really is in need. I have a 3-car garage with considerable amount of woodworking and mechanical tools including but not limited to a welding machine :slightly_smiling_face:. I render my help for free in return I’ll be able to experience the build.


Hello! I recently acquired a 2017 Promaster that I would like to convert. I have limited tools & my workspace is not quite ideal, so I have been searching for someone like yourself to offer a barter of some kind. I am interested in discussing in further detail!

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Hey there…this is a perfect thread!

Thanks for starting it @loading-hold0g. :slight_smile:

I bought a Mercedes Sprinter 144’WB and am looking to build it out, currently in OH…looking for someone to work with to build my van out!

Sorry for delayed response, been busy. I’m here in So. Florida. I don’t know how it works. You’re far from my location.

I assume you’re in Florida as well?