Off Topic Question

Are there any Adventure Racers Out there?

I am looking for a forum to connect and get some info.

My kids are grown. I am self employed. I can take my work with me. My husband also has the time to help me train and accompany me. He can watch me compete if he so chooses.

After 5 years of off and on physical therapy I was finally released. I need to keep up my exercises. if I dont, my muscles will seize up again. I HATE the gym. BORING!! And I hate being inside. After looking around and researching, I would like to do the adventure racing. I had actually started looking at trail running, but I think expanding on that would be best for me.

I recently stopped seeing my neurologist and my diabetes doc. Wasnt helping. The meds made my diabetes worse. Thankfully I never got my MS diagnosis. The baclofen does help though. I am still seeing my pcp tho. Almost ready to give that up. My blood sugar is down, my muscles are doing so much better. My bp and cholesterol is down. I lost 25 lbs. I need to care for MY body MY way.

I cant wait to start training!!

How do I understand you! I also hate to train indoors, I bought Royce Union now I ride every day, my muscles are toned and I lose weight.