Of muses and mistakes

Hello, everyone!
My name is Gaby, I am almost 33 years old and I am from Mexico. I have been looking for something like this for soooo long. I am glad I ran into these forums.
I am interested in van life since I met my now up-stairs neighboor and friend because I see him living a great life on the road on his van. I said, maaan… that’s what I want for myself!
So here I am! I figured the best way to start is to become part of a community of people who already know how to do this so I can dive into that mindset.

So basically I am here (still trying to figure out how this works) hoping to meet new people, hear amazing stories and maybe some day I will see you guys on the road.

Oh and I titled my entry as “Of muses and mistakes” because that’s basically what my life is about… Being inspired, daring, making mistakes, learning, being inspired… a great cycle.

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Welcome Gaby, IM Kerman full time VanLifer currently on the road visiting national parks and forest up in the Mountains Regions during the summer months.

Hii, that is really cool!! I will keep an eye on you :wink:

Are u on the road yet?

Not yet and probably not anywhere close either but you gotta take the first step right?

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Right u have to take the first step

Greetings & Welcome @anagtelle!

Welcome to the party! Lots of great people here to help you along the way.


"Looking back, solar was a huge & costly mistake." ~ SimplySally